Speedpro was founded in North Carlton, Melbourne in 1993. Having identified a gap in the market for professional concrete contractors, Speedpro quickly became a trusted partner to many of Melbourne's most established builders.

With client needs held close, and a commitment to customer service, quality and value, the business flourished. A further 20 years on, and 2013 saw a second generation take key roles within the business. 

2014 saw the company rapidly expand its operations, cementing Speedpro's position as the premier concrete contractor in Melbourne. 

In 2015 Speedpro Engineering was established, a service which offers tailor made structural systems and steel fabrication. Speedpro Engineering has allowed the business to design and manufacture products which promote safety and enhance productivity.

So after twenty-four years of sustained growth, we are proud to say Speedpro remains a family run business.  


Speedpro strives to be an industry leader in quality, value and service, continually fostering relationships that will allow the business to sustainably grow well into the future.

Speedpro values relationships: with our customers in tailoring solutions to their needs; with our team to ensure their safety and fulfillment; and with our community to ensure sustainable growth and ongoing opportunity


Speedpro is committed to safety. With a strong safety culture, we pride ourselves on a “safety first” approach that ensures our team return home safely to their loved ones every day.

A systematic approach to safety measure, responsibilities and performance is outlined in our detailed OH&S plan, and managed through rigorous injury prevention initiatives and a safety performance review of every project.


Our commitment to quality is ingrained across the Speedpro business. A strong work ethic and a culture of always striving for the best have been instrumental in developing our relationships within the industry.